Low Service Rates

Stop paying high fees for freight. Keep your money in your pocket with ProDispatch. Our service rates are a low percentage off of every load we book for you.

Worry-Free Freight

No more lost time and money trying to find and negotiate loads with brokers/shippers. ProDispatch will book loads for you while you are on the road.

Personalized Service

We build a personalized portfolio of your company so we can find you the freight to fit your business needs. We use this portfolio to represent you with direct customers and 3rd-party logistics providers.

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Now Partnered with Total Dispatcher to Provide Carriers:

  • Better Communication to Brokers for deeper Carrier relationships
  • Active Check Call system for ease of communication
  • Fleet Dashboard to track all Loads dispatched by ProDispatch
  • Driver Scheduling System
  • Equipment Maintenance Tracker and Scheduling system
ProDispatch offers several truck dispatching solutions.

Experienced and dedicated personal dispatchers

  • Negotiate top freight rates from brokers and/or shippers
  • True route planning
  • Handle all necessary faxes and paperwork, including broker setup, insurance certificates and rate confirmations
  • Invoicing included
  • Verify credit of brokers or shippers
  • Bilingual dispatching available (Spanish)

We’re here when you need us

  • Options available for fast pay
  • No term commitments
Freight dispatching for the trucking industry.

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